ACPA19’s NextGeneration Conference, generally referred to as NextGen, will take place Saturday and Sunday 02 – 03  March, 2019 immediately before the ACPA19 Annual Convention in Boston. This year, NextGen will also continue into the ACPA19 Annual Convention. The ACPA19 Annual Convention serves to center who we are and how we connect with one another in community,  create space for deep engagement, reflection, and story sharing while balancing the need to celebrate us and have some fun, and call us to action to better ourselves and the communities and world around us.

NextGen is a unique opportunity for approximately 125 undergraduate students from across the world to learn about ACPA, graduate preparation, functional areas, and trends in Student Affairs and Higher Education. This conference is an opportunity for the next generation of Student Affairs and Higher Education educators to meet and learn from current graduate preparation program faculty, NextGen alumni, and professionals with a variety of personal and professional experiences and identities from diverse institutional types and positions. Not only is NextGen a great way to learn more about Student Affairs as a profession, but it provides an opportunity to reflect on the intersection of your personal and professional identities so that you can begin identifying a meaningful career path for yourself.