Elder in Residence

Decolonization and reconciliation is important work happening on colleges and universities across Turtle Island (North America). As the Indigenous Advisor to the ACPA20 Convention, I invite convention attendees to participate in the indigenous opportunities in Nashville. Our worldview matters and will greatly enhance your Convention experience.

Meet our Conference Elder, Melba Checote-Eads
Citizen of the Great Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma.
Tribal town is Big Spring
Clan Bear

Melba Checote-Eads is a wife, mother to four children, and a grandmother. She is an affiliate of the Muscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma coming from the tribal town of Big Spring Clan and resides in Nashville. Melba will contribute to our opening and closing sessions in addition to various gatherings throughout Convention. We are excited to provide opportunities for ACPA20 attendees to learn from and engage with Melba.

Melba graduated from Galveston County Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Texas City, Texas and also attended Alvin Community College and Bacone College. Professionally, she has been a nurse for over 40 years.
She has been actively involved in preserving her family history and telling the story of Muscogee Creek tribe. In addition, she wrote the Historical Heritage Landmark criteria for New Town Church, Tvlofv Mucvse, in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, whose people walked the Trail of Tears and has coordinated the commemorative “Trail of Tears” Walk in the Nashville area for over 17 years. Currently she is recording and writing a prayer and devotional booklet from her grandfather’s sermon notes. She is writing about missions to the Creeks Indians and connecting her family story, from being the “missioned” to becoming the “missioner”, a process of colonization and rebirth in a changing world.

She has served as a guest speaker at schools, colleges, and community centers, telling the story of the Muscogee Creek people and bring awareness of their history in the southeast. She enjoys sewing and painting. Mostly her great love is her time sharing and playing with her grandchildren.

For questions about opportunities to engage with Melba, contact ACPA20 Indigenous Advisor Raymond Sewell (raymond.sewel[email protected]).