Caucusing at ACPA20

Designed to make individual and collective progress toward the realization of our Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization, ACPA launched the race-based caucus experience at ACPA18, in Houston.  At ACPA19, in Boston, we continued our progress with recruitment of moderators and revisions to caucusing questions as well as guidelines.

Understanding how powerful caucusing has been for members, ACPA20 will will offer this opportunity in Nashville and strongly encourage all convention attendees to participate. The ACPA20 Convention Planning Team used the valuable feedback from all who have engaged caucusing thus far to not only further our commitment to the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice & Decolonization but also develop intentional enhancements to the ACPA20 Caucus experience.

Enhancements to the Caucus Experience

We received a clear message to recognize caucusing as the hallmark experience for members to engage SIRJD at convention.  As such, our team has broadened the scope of caucusing (1) to improve overall SIRJD alignment; (2) to embody ACPA’s intersectional lens and approach; (3) to provide opportunities for participants to be in community; and (4) to provide space for continued processing and self-care in consideration of participant wellbeing.

This work has resulted in the following changes for this year’s caucusing experience:

Caucus Goals

  • Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice & Decolonization goal incorporated as part of overarching caucus goals for improved alignment
  • Goals rearranged to scaffold participant development 
  • Caucus session design grounded and mapped to one or more specific goals

Caucus Curriculum and Design

Intersectionality and Caucusing

  • One intersectional caucus space offering per racial identity group (i.e. QTPOC, etc.)
  • The Intersections Caucus (various racial identity caucusing groups)
  •   The Caucus Space Offering Type Chart

Facilitator Recruitment and Development

  • Revised facilitator application
  • Co-facilitator preference option
  • In-person facilitator training at convention

It is our hope that these enhancements to the caucus experience enable ACPA20 attendees to engage SIRJD in a transformative way. For more information about caucusing and how to sign up, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. We are excited to join you in this journey!

Nicole J. Johnson
Caucusing Co-Coordinator

Kendall K. Pete
Caucusing Co-Coordinator