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by: Ed Cabellon | Technology Lead

With less than 50 days to Convention, excitement is mounting with the entire planning team, as I’m sure with all of you, who have registered and made your travel plans for Indy. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve on my second consecutive ACPA Convention Planning Team, and this years experience has been fantastic. My role on the 2014 team has been to conceptualize and make recommendations for all things related to Convention technology. I have done this with the help of our Social Media Chair, Marlena Love from MIT, and our Innovation Chair, Tony Doody, from Rutgers University who have been instrumental in bringing some exciting ideas to life. We are using technology to effectively disseminate timely information to our members and to connect and engage with you whether you are at the Convention or not.

As you prepare for Indy, here are FIVE Technology related items you will want to know and share about!

1. Wireless Access
Much of the feedback we got last year regarding technology was related to wireless access at convention, especially the where and how. This year, we are pleased to share that throughout the entire Indianapolis Convention Center, WiFi access will be complimentary. Instructions on access will be provided at registration as well as on the convention website. Better yet, there will be complimentary internet access in your sleeping room! As a side note, on each visit to Indy, my cell phone’s service in the Convention Center was good.

2. Social Media Command Center
When you go to registration in the Convention Center, you can’t miss our new Social Media Command center :) While I won’t give away too much, just know that whether you are into social media or not, you simply won’t pass by… you will be drawn in to engage with our team both in person and online. Kudos to Tony Doody and Marlena Love for actualizing this exciting new idea.

ACPA High Tech_13. High Tech Program Space
What happens when you take a standard, large ballroom space, and add video cameras, a high end speaker system, audio recording, performance lights and stage, and several large hi-definition rear projection screens? You get our new ACPA Enhanced Technology Room, where some of the best educational programs will take place, including innovative delivery methods, such as Pecha Kucha! Most of the education delivered in this space will be recorded and be made available to ACPA members after Convention is over.

4. Power Users Unite
At our opening and closing programs, social media command center, genius labs, and high tech room, power strips will be located in the front rows of our seating arrangement. We want to encourage all of you who are active on social media to sit right up front, plug in, and share all the great things happening at Convention. Even if you aren’t active on social media, but need a quick power boost, join us up front!

5. Genius Labs
In the Convention Center, our new Genius Labs, is an interactive space where power users of technology and social media tools will be available to share, teach, and inspire whatever you are interested in learning more about. The energy and excitement in this space will be fantastic… we hope you will stop in to say hello, whether it is to learn something new or recharge! Kudos to Heather Shea Gasser, Carey Loch, and Tony Doody for seeing this idea come to life.

Finally, we will be using Guidebook again this year for all your Convention scheduling needs (more on this in a future post!), but until Guidebook is ready, you can check out the overview of the schedule here. I hope this brief technology overview has helped provide important information and excited you even more for our time together in Indy!

What other “technology” related items would help your ACPA Convention experience be more innovative and exciting?

Photo of Ed Cabellon

Ed Cabellon, 2014 ACPA Technology Lead

Ed Cabellon has over 17 years of progressive experience in Higher Education administration and is a leader in social media and technology integration, education, and assessment. He has worked in various Student Affairs/Student Life departments such as Residence Life and Student Activities, and currently serves as the Director of the Campus Center at Bridgewater State University. His research interests include digital identity, technology literacy, student engagement through social media, and underrepresented student access to technology.

Ed believes that understanding one’s digital identity and gaining literacy in technology should be part of the core curriculum in a 21st century Liberal Arts education; that every enrolled college student should have access to high speed internet at home while matriculated; and that the most powerful learning happens when it is peer to peer.

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