Y’all Means All: A Victory in Texas for Trans Texans

As the Special Session of the Texas Legislature closes, a sigh of relief echoes through the trans community. We have called, visited, marched, and fought for our very existence this season.  And we are thankful to members of ACPA-College Student Educators International who fought alongside us.

As ACPA prepares to visit Texas for the ACPA18 Annual Convention in Houston, I am thankful that Texas has upheld our battle cry of Y’all Means All.

LGB, queer, Intersex, and trans people are welcome here, and the few people who have tried to codify heinous laws limiting our rights have been stopped as they’ve tried to implement what are known as “anti-trans bathroom bills” in the Lone Star State.

However, as members of ACPA, we must continue – in Texas and beyond – to teach for social justice and to act for LGB, queer, Intersex and trans rights.

In the wake of these legislative battles and nationwide events, such as the tragic hate demonstrated in Charlottesville, we must remember to ally ourselves across differences and to continue to reach all students and colleagues in our pursuit of knowledge.

Take time to educate yourself on topics related to communities in need right now. Meet LGB, queer, Intersex, and trans people. Meet people of color and people in the intersections. Listen to the needs, wants and stories of people who are different from you, and be aware of your own privilege.

Act up, and speak out.

Now more than ever – with the momentum we have from the defeat of the “anti-trans bathroom bill” in Texas – we must continue to make great strides toward justice for all.

Brandon L. Beck, PhD
Pronouns: He/Him/His
SMCISD Teacher, San Marcos, TX

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