Tanaya Winder


Tanaya Winder is a writer, educator, motivational speaker, and performance poet from the Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations. She grew up on the Southern Ute Indian reservation and attended college at Stanford University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and the University of New Mexico where she received an Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Since then she has co-founded As/Us: A Space for Women of the World and founded Dream Warriors, an Indigenous artist management company. She guest lectures, teaches creative writing workshops, and speaks at high schools, universities, and communities internationally. Tanaya writes and teaches about different expressions of love (self love, intimate love, social love, community love, and universal love); she is an advocate of heartwork and believes everyone has a gift they’ve been placed on this earth to share.

As students who identify with Generation Z increase in number on our campuses, Tanaya Winder’s message about love, family, community, and pursuing one’s passion is timely. What we currently understand about this newer generation of students is they are more driven to serve others than previous generations, want careers to have a deeper purpose to themselves and others, and are more connected with their families.  To increase your skills at working with this generation of students while also learning how to tap into you own heart and passion to increase your success, please join Tanaya and your peers in Houston at #ACPA18.