Sunday Full-Day Workshops

All programs are 8:00am – 4:30pm. Lunch is provided/included in cost of pre-convention workshop registration.

Mental Health First Aid Certification: Learn to Recognize & Respond

Did you know 75% of all lifetime mental health conditions begin by age 24? Do you feel ready to recognize and respond to students who experience mental health issues on your campus? Similar to traditional first aid training, Mental Health First Aid teaches participants how to identify and take initial steps to support people who might be having mental health problems. In this session, participants will learn essential skills while earning their Mental Health First Aid certification.

Professional Competency Alignment:
Advising and Supporting

Rachel Luna, Samuel Merritt University

Summit for Black Student Affairs Professionals

The Summit for Black Student Affairs Professionals at the ACPA Convention will provide professional development, fellowship and networking among senior, mid-level, and new professionals of African descent (e.g., African Americans, Caribbean, South American) through informal and formal dialogue and mentoring. This one-day summit will allow participants to focus on and discuss issues of professional growth for individuals of African descent representing various gender identities.

Professional Competency Alignment:
Leadership; Personal and Ethical Foundations

Phillip Cockrell, University of Toledo