SIRJD Syllabus

Racial Justice and Decolonization in Higher Education and Student Affairs Syllabus

Welcome to the SIRJD (Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization) Syllabus, a four-month long series of articles, blogs, videos, movies, and podcasts to support your development leading into convention caucusing.  Below you will find a set of resources that we believe will be helpful in bringing all of our members to a similar foundation level of knowledge around social justice, decolonization, racial justice, and praxis. We believe it is important that everybody enter the space having operational definitions and knowledge around these topics and we hope that you will take the time each month to read them solo, in small groups, with your office or division, with your students, or any other appropriate group.

We have organized each set of readings developmentally, so start with the first resource and move through sequentially. If you have already read the piece, it never hurts to revisit it. We do not believe that this is a complete list of readings around these topics, but we hope that this will be a starting point that will spur your curiosity around racial justice and decolonization.  Most resources are publicly available unless noted.  If you have suggestions for other foundational pieces you would like to share with the membership, please email Dian Squire. We will do our best to provide the piece to the membership in a special section of this website pursuant to copyright law.

*Resources require access to a library log-in or direct access to publisher website. If we receive permission to provide the resource we will update this page accordingly.

November: Social Justice: A Critical Primer

December: Decolonization: A Primer

Additional Resources

January: Racial Justice: A Primer


February: Engaging in Dialogue at Convention and Beyond

Considering your role in racial justice and decolonization

Engaging after Convention