Reviewer Resources


ACPA is only as strong as its members and volunteers.  With nearly 6500 members representing 1200 public and private institutions around the country and across the globe, the success of our convention in Houston, TX will be based, in part, on the efforts of reviewers to evaluate and recommend the best, most informative, original, and engaging educational session proposals.  Your participation in this process ensures the convention curriculum will be meaningful, intentional, and of high quality for all attendees.

We received hundreds of submissions and the selection process of the best proposals would not be possible without the time and dedication of our members.  As a reviewer, you have the opportunity to provide feedback to individual(s) submitting proposals while also gaining critical professional development experience in evaluating proposals about best practices and initiatives occurring throughout higher education.

The deadline for proposal submissions was on Friday, 15 September.  Each submission will be evaluated by at least three reviewers.  Each reviewer will receive no more than 8 proposals to review.  Proposals will be assigned to reviewers 20-22 September.

All reviews need to be completed by 11:59pm on Friday, 6 October.

Coordinating presenters will be notified of their proposal status on or around 25 October and must confirm their commitment to present by Friday, 3 November.                                                                              

The Program Team understands that reviewing proposals is a commitment and for individuals not familiar with this process, it may be confusing. The following resources are designed to guide reviewers through the process of reviewing proposals so that this process is as easy as possible.

eShow TrainingWhether this is your first time evaluating program proposals, or if you have previously volunteered to do so for previous conferences, you may want to watch this short MicroSession that will guide you through the review process on our new platform, eShow.  If a PDF document would be more helpful, please click on this ACPA18 Reviewing Guide which will walk you through the entire review process with screenshots for eShow.

Accessing eShoweShow is an event management solution that ACPA18 is using this year to assign submissions to reviewers and for reviewers to submit their evaluations.

Log in to the ACPA18 Proposal and Reviewer Service Center and use the login and password shared in the email you received about serving as a reviewer.

If you have any questions about the review process, please email Sattik Deb and/or Tom Murray, or