All-Gender Restrooms

All-Gender Restrooms are available to all convention participants inclusive of all gender identities and expressions. Accessible stalls are available at each All-Gender Restroom location.

Historically, restrooms have been a way to reinforce sex assigned at birth (female/male) and gender (woman/man) identities and expressions, but as an Association, ACPA actively challenges traditional definitions of sex and gender. Thus, ACPA converts many of the traditionally assigned women’s and men’s restrooms to All-Gender Restrooms without fear of harassments and threats to individual users. ACPA’s All-Gender Restrooms will be clearly marked with large signs outside of each restroom entrance and are also designated on the maps in the back of the program book.

In addition, we are aware there are reasons that convention participants may need or want a men’s or women’s restroom, these are available as well and will be labeled on the maps in the back of the program book.

Locations of All Gender Restrooms:

Convention Center (3rd floor):

  • By 310 A, B, C
  • General Assembly – side closest to 340 AB

Hilton:  (on the side closest to Sky Bridge and GRB)

  • 2nd floor – across from Americas B Ballroom
  • 3rd floor – next to 340B
  • 4th floor –  across from Grand Ballroom A & B

If you do experience a negative interaction in an all gender restroom while at ACPA18, here are some action items to consider from I’ll Go With You: What to Do, which provides resources around how to act as a bathroom buddy and what to do in case of active harassment in the restroom.

Some important takeaways:

We encourage attendees to report any incidents via the ACPA18 Equity and Inclusion Notification form.

  • Have an exit strategy. If anyone starts to badger, yell at, or touch your buddy, stick close to your buddy and move towards the exit immediately and decisively. Do not make eye contact with the perpetrator. Tell your friend “Come on, we’re going to be late,” or “We’re leaving now.” Follow it up with “Please move out of our way,” if the exit is blocked.
  • In case of active harassment, move towards the exit, and speak clearly and firmly about your intent to leave. Keep your tone somewhere between no-nonsense kindergarten teacher and customer service person: a moderate-high pitch, speaking a touch slower than average, with the assumption that you will be listened to and respected.
  • Stay with your buddy after any harassment or assault.