Presenter Resources

Thank you for your interest in submitting an educational session proposal for the annual convention in Houston, 11-14 March 2017.  Below are some resources that may be of assistance. Click the list below to visit that section of the page.

Professional Development Webinars
Webinar #1: The Proposal and Review Process
Webinar #2: The Proposal Process and the Strategic Imperative
Micro Sessions
General Resources
Commonly Asked Questions About the Proposal Submission Process

Proposal Development Webinars

The #ACPA18 Program Team hosted two webinars focused on supporting members in the proposal development process.

Webinar #1: The Proposal and Review Process

This webinar covers the entire proposal process allowing viewers to learn about the proposal process and the resources available. Viewers will also be able to learn about what to expect from the review process.

Webinar #2: The Proposal Process and the Strategic Imperative

The ACPA Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization is a guide to our work as an Association. This webinar showcased how our Strategic Imperative can and should inform the content and expertise we bring to convention as presenters.

If you have any questions about these webinars, please contact Tom Murray.

Micro Sessions

Brief 3-5 minute short videos describing specific parts of the Call for Proposals process.

General Resources

Commonly Asked Questions about the Proposal Submission Process

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How can I log back in and update my proposal submission?

Your email serves as your username. Upon saving your proposal, you will be provided with a password that will allow you to log in and make changes to your submission. Use this link to log back in.

How can my proposal get sponsored by a particular entity group?

During the proposal submission process, you can indicate that you want a particular entity group to consider your proposal for sponsorship.

Why can’t I add an additional presenter? It says that the user cannot be found.

If you are trying to add another presenter and they are not found in the system, you simply have to “register” them as a presenter. Once this is complete, it will take you back to your proposal.

I am not an ACPA member but would like to submit a proposal or review proposals. How do I do this?

First, access the registration page from the bottom the Curriculum Page on the ACPA18 website.  You will first need to enter your name and email, then click search.  If your name does not appear, please click on the “Search Again” button.  You will then get to another page  (divided in half) where you can actually create a profile in the ACPA member database (on the right side of that page).  You do not have to be a member to do this; this just records your information so it is easier to find yourself in the future.  You will then be directed to a page that asks for your demographic information.  From there, you should be good to go.