Presenter Resources

Congratulations on having your session accepted for presentation at the 2018 annual convention in Houston, 11-14 March, 2018! Please review the information below for helpful information for presenters. Use the list below to skip to different sections of the page.

#ACPA18 PowerPoint Template
Session Marketing Template
Presenter Orientation
Presenter Development Series
General Resources
Commonly Asked Questions About Presenting at #ACPA18
Information about Specific Session Types

#ACPA PowerPoint Template

Click here to download the #ACPA18 PowerPoint Template.  We are asking all presenters utilizing a PowerPoint slide deck to use this one as it includes important information for session attendees.

After downloading the PPT file, please consider the following:

  • Enter the title of your session (matching what you included in the Proposal) into the title slide
  • Copy and paste slides from an existing presentation where the slide says “Insert your presentation” or build your PowerPoint starting from that slide
  • Please be sure to save this template to your own device or a location you can retrieve it later.

If you choose to use your own PowerPoint file, please include the text from the following slides into your presentation:

  • Land Acknowledgement – located after your title slide and before session content
  • Inclusive Language – located after your title slide and before session content
  • Session Evaluation – located at the end of the presentation.

Session Marketing Template

If you are presenting at ACPA18 and want a graphic to help you encourage convention registrants to attend your session, please consider using a template designed by the Convention Planning team.  You can personalize your sessions information in this template and then share via social media.  Here are the instructions to do this:

  • Download the template here (version 1, version 2)
  • Copy/paste the .png file into your preferred design platform (Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, etc).
  • Write information about your program session in a text box over the image in a light color (white).
  • Save the file as a .jpeg or .png file.
  • Post to social media and be sure to use #ACPA18!

Presenter Orientation

Presenters have spent the past several months preparing for convention and it is about here.  For some last minute tips and tricks related to presenting at an international convention, please check out this micro session.

There will be two in-person presenter orientations on Sunday, 11 March (1:00pm and 9:00pm) in the Hilton Grand Ballroom J.  Though not mandatory, this is a great chance to connect with other presenters and members of the ACPA18 Program Team and get your questions answered so you feel as confident as possible when presenting.

Presenter Development Series

This Presenter Development webinar occurred on Tuesday, 23 January 2018 at 3:00 p.m. ET.  For those who were unable to attend, click here to view the recorded webinar. 

In addition to the webinar are several of the following MicroSessions designed to address specific components of a presentation that will be essential for your success as a presenter at #ACPA18.

General Resources

Commonly Asked Questions about Presenting at #ACPA18

Click on each FAQ to expand/collapse content.

How can I log back in and update my proposal submission?

Your email serves as your username. Upon saving your proposal, you will be provided with a password that will allow you to log in and make changes to your submission. Use this link to log back in.

Why can’t I add an additional presenter? It says that the user cannot be found.

If you are trying to add another presenter and they are not found in the system, you simply have to “register” them as a presenter. Once this is complete, it will take you back to your proposal.

Information about Specific Session Types

If you are presenting any of the session types below, please click on the heading to read more about your session.

Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight Sessions are 30 minutes in length. This year, Spotlight Sessions will be in their own unique educational session block, so there will only be Spotlight Sessions happening during that time. The Spotlight Session educational block is only 30 minutes long. This means that unlike in some previous years, Spotlight Session presenters will not be paired with another presentation.

Extended Sessions

Your session will cover two educational session blocks, totaling 2 hours and fifteen minutes. As you work to prepare for your presentation in Houston, please keep in mind that extended sessions are designed to improve attendees’ competency in one specific area over a full two-hour block. Please be sure that you have planned to use this entire time effectively, as participants will be expecting a session that spans the entire time.

Competency-Based Sessions

Your session has been selected as a competency-based session; this means that you will have a 75-minute session instead of the regular 60-minute session. As you prepare your program, please keep in mind both the competency and level (foundational, intermediate, advanced) that you indicated on your proposal.

Research Papers

You will be provided 20 minutes to present your research paper and its findings along with two other papers scheduled in the same block.  We have worked to group papers by a common theme, based upon information provided in your abstracts and proposals. Every session will have a “Discussant,” an individual who will introduce each paper and facilitate the session.  By agreeing to present your paper, you will commit to having a journal-length manuscript (no more than 7,000 words including references) on your proposed topic completed in full by early February 2018.  You will submit your paper to your assigned discussant, who will review all of the papers in the assigned research paper block and provide both oral and written feedback to the authors. Please note that individuals cannot submit full Master’s theses or doctoral dissertations as their research papers.  More details will be sent to you about how to submit your paper to your discussant in late January 2018.

Research and Practice Posters

Poster presenters have the opportunity to display their research or practice focused poster during the convention. Poster display area is a maximum of 48 inches (121cm) wide by 36 inches (91 cm) high. Please be sure that your poster does not exceed these dimensions. There will be a time during convention that presenters are asked to staff the poster area so that attendees may interact with them and ask questions. Date/time information will be posted soon.

Genius Labs

Your Genius Lab session is twenty minutes. Genius Labs will take place in a convention center room located near the Social Media Command Center (different from previous conventions), allowing for a more accessible learning space.

PechaKucha Powered by ACPA

PechaKucha Powered by ACPA (PKs) sessions are to be 20 slides, with 20 seconds (6 minutes, 40 second in total) allotted for each slide. PKs should be crafted using PowerPoint only (slides should be timed – 20 seconds each). Please note that you will not be able to use Keynote or Prezi. Each slide should be a piece of your story/presentation, with limited text. Consider using images that help you share your story/presentation. Be sure to consider intellectual property/copyright when selecting images. This year, PKs will be held in a smaller, more intimate setting in a room that accommodates approximately 175 attendees. Pre-Convention – There will be an electronic (online) run-through all PK presentations with presenters so that you can practice and receive constructive feedback. Therefore, it is important to come prepared with a script and a PowerPoint ready to present / practice. Stay tuned for further details on days, times, etc.  Date and time to be shared soon. At Convention – There will be time and a place for us to do a live, in-person practice run through of your PK.  Stay tuned for further details.