Pre-Convention Workshops

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The registration rate for full-day pre-convention workshops is $75 and includes lunch. The registration rate for half-day pre-convention workshops is $50.

Each workshop will require a minimum of 10 participants for the session to occur. If a session is cancelled due to low registrations, you will be offered the opportunity to switch to a different workshop.

Please contact Joe Bozzo with questions about Pre-Convention Workshops and Institute Programs.

Saturday, 10 March

Full Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #1: Conducting Program Review Using the CAS Standards
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #2: HOPES – Honoring Our Past, Embracing Success: Moving Beyond Invisibility
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #3: Latin@/x in Higher Education: Past, Present and Future
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #4: A Healing Path: Liberation from Internalized Racial Subordination
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #5: Cultivating Courageous Leadership

Half Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #6: Professional Real Talk: Launching a Student Affairs Employment Campaign

Sunday, 11 March

Full Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #7: Mental Health First Aid Certification: Learn to Recognize & Respond
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #8: Exploring Post-Traumatic Master’s Syndrome: Dismantling Whiteness and Moving to Action
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #9: Getting it done – Moving from ABD to completion!
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #10: Global citizenship and student affairs
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #11: Pan African Summit

Half Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #12: Ready to Supervise: Developing Your Own Supervisory Style
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #13: Using Case Studies to Apply Theory to Professional Practice
  • (Pre-Convention Workshop #14: Financial Wellness Personalized: Systemic Barriers, Self-Exploration, and Your Financial Identity
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #15: Understanding WHITE: White Identity, White Privilege, and White Supremacy
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #16: Challenge and Support: Working Intentionally in Graduate and Professional Education
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #17: Becoming a Student Affairs Creator: Digital Makerspace Workshop