NextGen Testimonials

What People Are Saying About NextGen

“Last year, what started out as a NextGen sponsorship opportunity from one of the entity groups has blossomed into so much more. The Coalition for Multicultural Affairs (CMA) sponsored a student to attend NextGen. I served as the CMA NextGen representative and upon arrival at ACPA convention I connected with David, our sponsored student. David was a first year graduate student who expressed interest in learning more about and getting involved with CMA. During our first meeting we soon realized that we had many people in common. The brief conversation led to an invitation to our open business meeting, which led to lunch and months later led to a visit to my campus at the University of Miami during his summer internship at a neighboring school. Since then we have kept in touch, I’ve provided him with guidance on how to handle work situations that have come up and supported him through his job search as he will be graduating from his program this year.”

-Nanette Vega, NextGen Committee Member, ACPA2018

“My time at NextGen had a two-fold impact. On one hand, it allowed me to really assure that Student Affairs work was the field I was truly passionate about, and wanted to pursue, while meeting many other students going through the same experience. It also provided me with deep discussion about social justice, as it relates to the profession. It was a great “get on the balcony” experience to understand the history of social justice in the work, and have conversations about how it’s relevant today.”

–Garret Zastoupil, Student, University of Minnesota, NextGen Alumnus ’14

“The practical skills, inspiring mentors, and integral knowledge NextGen provided me with have significantly assisted my transition into graduate school. Not only do I feel like I have a support system to lean on, but I am continuously inspired by my NextGen cohort and the work they’re doing to transform higher education.”

–Jessie Ashton, Graduate Advisor, Indiana Memorial Union Board Office of Activities & Events, Indiana University, NextGen Alumnus ’15

“During my junior year of college, I was still deciding what my future next steps would be. I had a number of interests and passions, like many college students. For me, NextGen helped to inform, affirm, and solidify my decision to pursue Student Affairs. I gained knowledge about the values of the profession, further understanding about graduate school programs, and new colleagues that I would be able to keep in touch with from grad school and beyond!”

– Danyelle J. Reynolds, Alternative Breaks Coordinator, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, NextGen Alumnus ’11

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