NextGen FAQs

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How do I register for the NextGen conference?

To register, click here.  This is the same link you can use to register for the general convention but you’ll be able to indicate that you want to attend the NextGen conference as you proceed throughout the form.

I need a scholarship to attend, how do I apply?

NextGen attendees may apply for scholarships to cover their registration and/or travel needs.  These are sponsored through the ACPA Foundation and various ACPA Entity Groups.  During the registration process, an option is available to apply.  The selection committee will give priority review to attendees who apply by 15 January 2018.  Scholarships will be distributed on a rolling basis through early February 2018.

Is NextGen geared toward undergraduate students, graduate students, or new professionals?

NextGen Institute is geared towards undergraduate and master’s level students who are unfamiliar with the world of higher education and student affairs.  NextGen attendees will interact with approximately 125 other participants as well as faculty and practitioners from a diverse array of institutions.  Doctoral students, master’s level students with significant coursework in student affairs, and new professionals may not find NextGen useful.  Those individuals may find more utility from attending the General Convention.

What is the difference between NextGen Institute and Convention?

The NextGen Institute refers to the 1.5 days of programming on Saturday and Sunday.  The Institute is intended to be a crash course in higher education and student affairs, geared towards undergraduate and master’s level students.  Depending on your schedule, some NextGen participants will stay after NextGen Institute and into ACPA’s General Convention.  During General Convention (which is included in the cost of your NextGen registration)  there is intentional NextGen programming, like career advice,  interwoven into the curriculum.

How should I dress?

Business casual dress – be comfortable and also professional.  Be sure to check the weather as you plan your trip to NextGen, but know that convention center rooms may be cool, so bring an extra layer just in case!  We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes.

What should I bring?

Shoulder bag or backpack to carry handouts, books, and other resources you may collect; Business cards (if you have them) for networking; Refillable water bottle; Snacks; Enthusiasm for learning and an open mind and heart!

When is check-in for the NextGen Institute?

Registration begins at noon on Saturday, 10 March.

When does the NextGen Institute end?

The NextGen Institute closes at 4:00pm on Sunday, 11 March; however the NextGen participants are invited to attend the ACPA Convention Opening Session (4:00-7:30pm) and NextGen Reception (8:00pm).    Additionally, some NextGen participants enjoy participating in the ACPA General Convention, which is included in your NextGen registration.

Are meals included in the NextGen Conference and in the ACPA Convention?

Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch are included in the NextGen Institute; dining accommodations will be available.  While there are no formal meals for ACPA Convention participants, many people snack on appetizer-type food at the ACPA Convention Opening Session as well as at the receptions.

Are the other meals “on your own?

Saturday lunch and Sunday breakfast are on your own.  There are reasonable cost dining options in the Convention Center and within a short distance.

Is there support for my travel and food costs?

Yes! The ACPA Foundation provides travel grants up to $250 for students.  When you register for the NextGen Institute, apply for a scholarship.  ACPA will be in contact with additional details on how to obtain a travel grant.  We also encourage you to reach out to possible resources on your campus through the Vice President of Student Affairs, student government, or other opportunities.

Are we required to stay in one of the ACPA Convention Hotels?

We encourage all NextGen participants to stay in one of the Convention Hotels.  ACPA works with local hotels to obtain reasonable rates for attendees.  Consider sharing a room with another student (or two) from your institution traveling to NextGen to save on costs.  Sometimes, you may have a friend whose college or university is  covering the cost of a single room (which happens to have an extra bed).

How can I find a roommate?

ACPA18 provides support in your roommate search by utilizing Roomsync. The Roomsync platform allows for users to search and connect with potential convention roommates. Access the Roomsync portal by clicking here!

May I stay for the full ACPA Convention?

Yes!  If you have registered for NextGen, convention attendance is included in your fee.

I’ve never been to a national conference, so what can I expect?

You can expect to learn from leading scholars and practitioners from around the globe. ACPA develops a robust curriculum, and there should be no shortage of new ideas, best practices, and the opportunity to connect. There is also the opportunity to network, attend socials, and get involved and volunteer with ACPA.

Where may I find information about traveling to the NextGen conference?

We encourage you to use all the resources on the ACPA18 Traveling to Houston page to learn about travel to and around Houston, Texas, USA.

How do I learn more about ACPA acronyms, terms, and structure?

To learn more about ACPA, please visit the ACPA website. The “About Us” page will give you more information about the structure, governance, and directorate. or assistance.