Consider submitting a program proposal today!

This Friday, 8 September  is the deadline for all educational program proposals for the upcoming ACPA18 convention being held in Houston, TX 11 – 14 March.  It is not too late to consider submitting a program proposal and contribute to  the curriculum for ACPA18.

Why programs?

While there are different reasons members consider attending convention, perhaps the most critical reason are the curricular offerings (i.e. programs) provided. On average, over 500 educational sessions take place during a typical ACPA Convention. These education sessions are at the heart of the convention experience.  Educational sessions also provide valuable professional development experiences for the presenters.

As noted by Paul Brown, long-time presenter at ACPA, Presenting a program allows one to exercise so many professional skills, from collaboration, to organization, to graphic design, and communication.  These skills are so valuable to me as a professional and ones that can continuously be enhanced.  That is why I continue to present at #ACPA year after year.”

While some associations have one standard type of program, ACPA provides a variety of program types to consider in the proposal process. In total, there are ten different program types. Each program type is specialized to provide the best opportunity possible for the presenter and for the attendees.  Whether it is a standard 60-minute general session, a 120-minute Extended Session, or new this year, a three-hour institute block, and a 30-minute spotlight session, there are different options.

The curricular offerings at Convention are critical in providing professional development to colleagues looking to enhance their efforts through best practices, critical issues and themes.  

As noted by Victoria Malaney, current Chair of the ACPA MultiRacial Network, “ACPA provides a supportive learning environment to present research and best practices in Higher Education. I look forward to have the opportunity to present my work and get valuable feedback from colleagues around the country!

Regardless of one’s role within higher education or student affairs, the ACPA Convention offerings are essential in helping to further engage the profession. Whether you are a new professional, mid-level professional or seasoned professional, we all can play a key role in helping to educate ourselves and others.

As noted by Gavin Henning, former ACPA President and current president of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, “I always enjoy presenting at ACPA’s annual convention as it provides me an opportunity to give back to the field by sharing my knowledge and experience.”

The biggest complaint we get from colleagues is there were no programs related to their functional area or skill level at convention or that don’t have the experience to submit anything.  We challenge that belief and encourage you to break that stereotype. If you don’t submit a program proposal, we won’t know what would have been possible.

Consider the following from Wayne Glass, member of the ACPA18 Program team and Coalition for LGBT Awareness leader: “Submitting a Pecha Kucha proposal and presenting at ACPA 2017 was life-changing. I was initially afraid of submitting a PK proposal because I feared that I did not have anything “significant to say” or that it did not seem to directly correlate with being a Higher Education and Student Affairs professional. Nevertheless, I was so grateful to have had the privilege and opportunity to talk about mental health, gender norms, CrossFit, and how this all was interconnected with my personal and professional journey.”

It is not too late to submit a proposal. The ACPA18 team has developed a series of tools available under the Curriculum tab on the ACPA18 website ranging from quick micro-session videos on developing proposals, understanding universal design, a sample program worksheet to understand all that is required and much more.

Finally, consider the following from Dean Kennedy, the current ACPA18 Program Chair, “Presenting has been one of the most rewarding experiences as a professional.  Working with peers to submit a proposal, presenting to colleagues at convention, and learning from those attending sessions has been life changing.  Through this process, I’ve learned how to best support staff, peers, and most importantly, students.”

Take advantage of the remaining few days and submit your educational session proposal today!  Don’t miss out on this tremendous professional development opportunity.

If you have questions about the process, please contact us  

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