Certificates of Participation

Maximize your professional development by earning a Certificate of Participation during #ACPA18!

The #ACPA18 Convention Planning Team and Credential Implementation Team (CIT) are excited to partner in offering ACPA’s membership the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Participation after attending at least three sessions that align within one of the ACPA/NASPA Competencies at a specific level (i.e., foundational, intermediate, or advanced).

Check back for the list of educational sessions eligible for Certificates of Participation and for video links to help ACPA members use myPROfolio.

To start setting up your myPROfolio page, log into the ACPA Member Portal, click on the myPROfolio tab, and click on “myPROfolio Home.”

Additional information and resources for maximizing how you track your professional development through myPROfolio can be found on the myPROfolio Home Page.  For questions about myPROfolio and #ACPA18 Certificates of Participation, please contact ssanta-ramirez@acpa.nche.edu.