Caucusing Toward Justice

Caucusing Toward Justice By Dian Squire, ACPA 2018 Convention Equity & Inclusion Chair Throughout the ACPA18 Convention, over 1000 attendees engaged in identity-based caucusing. In hosting caucuses for the first time at an ACPA convention, this opportunity was a great success overall! These guided caucus sessions provided necessary and important opportunities for growth and reflection […]

ACPA18 Day 1 Caucuses

Today, close to 500 attendees engaged in identity-based caucusing at ACPA18. Members self-selected into groups and met over the course of an hour to discuss the intersections of identity, power, privilege, oppression, and domination as it relates to their work in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Caucus spaces were created in response to feedback received […]

Centering the Land: The Importance of Acknowledging Indigenous Land and Lifeways

Do we really have to say the land acknowledgement statement before every presentation at Convention? Isn’t one time enough? What really is the point? I’ve said the land acknowledgement in my first presentation at Convention, why do I need to say it again? In the past two years, I can recall hearing similar statements after […]

Racial Justice & Decolonization Can’t Happen Without Disrupting Monoracism

What would it look like to center the voices of multiracial folx in the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization (SIRJD)? I would not only encourage student affairs professionals to think about this, but I would argue it is also necessary. Even within our conversations about racial justice, race is often talked about through […]

ACPA18 Snapshot: Pre-Convention Programs in Houston

With just weeks until the ACPA18 convention, here is some information about Pre-Convention Workshops, which are all still open for registration! A Pre-Convention Workshop — “Pre-Con” for short — is a half- or full-day session on Saturday, 10 March 2018 or Sunday, 11 March 2018 offering the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and apply new […]

Consider submitting a program proposal today!

This Friday, 8 September  is the deadline for all educational program proposals for the upcoming ACPA18 convention being held in Houston, TX 11 – 14 March.  It is not too late to consider submitting a program proposal and contribute to  the curriculum for ACPA18. Why programs? While there are different reasons members consider attending convention, […]