Career Development & Advancement

Career Development and Advancement for All Convention Attendees

Career Development and Advancement exists as a priority for our members, and the ACPA18 Convention has a designated team to focus on experiences and educational opportunities at ACPA18.

The on-site Career Central will host various programs, networking, and other engagement opportunities in a dedicated physical space within the George R. Brown Convention Center. This is a space where undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners, and faculty of all levels of experience can invest in their own personal and professional development. Furthermore, Career Central will offer a space for employers to connect with candidates through information sharing about future openings, networking, and on-site interviews.

Career Central at ACPA18 will:

  • Provide Convention attendees with career development and advancement resources relevant to their specific needs through educational programming, preparation, and other engagement opportunities.
  • Encourage and facilitate networking and reflection around various career trajectories and alternative pathways to career success, both within and beyond higher education and student affairs.
  • Offer an intentional space for employers to engage with prospective candidates through information sharing and on-site interviews.
  • Acknowledge the ways in which systemic barriers and identities often impact the career development and advancement of our members and work to encourage more equitable and just hiring practices.

Highlights of Career Central at ACPA18 will include:

The volunteers who coordinate and staff events have a passion for Career Development and Advancement, and they are committed to serving all ACPA18 Convention participants and employers as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Please Note: All participants in on-site events and activities hosted by the Career Development and Advancement team must be registered for the ACPA18 Convention.

For questions about Career Central at ACPA18, contact Tara Milliken.