ACPA18 Response to All Gender Bathrooms

ACPA aims to make all members feel included and safe throughout convention. As such, ACPA Convention designates several sets of restrooms as all gender restrooms.

On Saturday, 10 March 2018, ACPA shared a space with another unaffiliated conference in the George R. Brown Convention Center. During the day, we were informed that several ACPA18 attendees were verbally harassed by members of the outside group while using an all gender restroom, and the all gender restroom was vandalized. As a result, ACPA18 Convention team asked the convention center to place security personnel in front of the bathroom to provide safety for our members who were utilizing those spaces while the other group was on site. The personnel was intended as a safety precaution for our members and was not a policing tactic for the restrooms. All convention spaces starting at 8pm on Saturday were solely used for ACPA events and no security remain at any restroom facilities or in any ACPA spaces. We recognize that although our intent was to ensure the safety of our members, the impact of security personnel being present caused harm.

The inclusion of all members at the intersections of their identities is of the utmost importance to the Association. There is also the realization that there are no easy answers that will always satisfy all people. ACPA is a microcosm of a society that is transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, and also filled with religious discrimination.  ACPA welcomes conversations and action around these issues that are developmental, inclusive, authentic, and intersectional. ACPA18 and ACPA as an association wade into the messiness of engaging with an imperfect world and seek justice and emancipation from oppression. We hope that all our members will work toward these goals alongside each other over the next three days and into the future. The ACPA18 Team is committed to offering a convention experience that is inclusive to all of our members and attendees. If you have feedback, comments, or ideas that will assist us in making the convention experience more inclusive, please contact Dian Squire, Equity & Inclusion Chair. To submit an Equity and Inclusion Online Notification Form, click here.

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