Resources for SSAOs

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ACPA is once again offering a rich array of educational programs and community development opportunities for Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAOs) during the ACPA17 Convention in Columbus, Ohio.  This website provides a list of programs and events of specific interest to SSAOs.  In particular, please make note of the seven SSAO Advisory Board sponsored programs.

ACPA is committed to providing SSAOs with the educational and networking opportunities that meet your professional needs.  Please join us for an exciting time at ACPA17.  We look forward to seeing you at these SSAO events!

Laura Bayless, Ph.D.
ACPA Governing Board
Member-at-Large, Senior Level

Jim Breslin, Ph.D.
ACPA Governing Board
Member-at-Large, Senior Level

Senior Student Affairs Officers (SSAOs) and Practitioners Programs

ACPA17 will offer a wide range of educational programs and community development initiatives for Senior Student Affairs Officers at ACPA17. This list of resources will continuing growing and expanding as convention gets closer.

Senior Level and Faculty Lounge
The Senior Level and Faculty Lounge is available for Senior Student Affairs Officers in the Convention Center B240-241 during the following days and hours:

  • Monday, 27 March from 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Tuesday, 28 March from 8:00am – 5:00pm

Networking Opportunities

Cool Topics, Hot Issues: Conversations Between New Professionals and SSAOs
Monday 27 March at 5:00pm in the Marketplace

A great opportunity for new professionals to engage with senior student affairs officers, all while enjoying Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream! Attendees will have initial conversations in randomly assigned groups where new professionals can ask questions about the SSAO role, leadership pathways in the field, and how decisions are often made. There will then be opportunities for attendees to select a hot topic, and spend time engaging with fellow new professionals and SSAOs. Generously sponsored by Columbus’ own Jeni’s Ice Cream!

ACPA Foundation, Corporate Partner, and SSAO Reception
Sunday, 26 March

Senior Student Affairs Officers are invited and encouraged to visit with the Corporate Partners  and ACPA Foundation members at this reception.

Educational Sessions
The ACPA17 team and SSAO Advisory Board is excited to announce the SSAO Programming Track. Click here to see the full listing of programs designed specifically for SSAOs.

Additionally, don’t miss out on a timely and dynamic new day long workshop on Tuesday, 28 March that is  included with convention registration, “Risks, Roles, & Responsibilities for Leaders in a Climate of Emerging Activism: Culturally Competent Leadership,” that will deepen emotional intelligence and engage leaders in powerful personal transformation with senior colleagues. A full description of the program is below. Since space is limited in this session, please register in advance by clicking on this link!

American higher education institutions are a microcosm of the world in which we live. As such, as significant unrest around issues of inclusion and diversity increase, we are experiencing the impact on our very own college and university campuses. This trend will likely continue. Increased activism, student demands for more inclusive environments, and ingrained systemic structures of oppression require the 21st century university leader to be more culturally competent and aptly responsive to emergent campus issues in new ways. The changing global landscape requires a deeper understanding of how we develop ourselves as courageous leaders.