Pre-Convention Workshops

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Saturday, 25 March

Full Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #1: Cultivating Courageous Leadership: An Examination of Self through Unconscious Bias and Emotional Intelligence
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #2: [email protected]/x in Higher Education: Past, Present, Future
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #3: Integrative Neuroscience Findings into Student Learning and Development Design
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #4: Native American Student Identity and Culturally Appropriate Support
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #5: Law, Policy, and Governance: Compliance 101

Half Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #6: The Flourishing Student Affairs Professional:  Building a Foundation for YOUR Health and Wellness
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #7: Creating Institutional Change: Centering Trans Identities within Policy and Practice
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #8: Career Central: Mid-Level Career: Now what?

Sunday, 26 March

Full Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #9: Pan African Summit
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #10: Restorative Justice
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #11: The Four Corners of Compliance: Title IX

Half Day Workshops:

  • Pre-Convention Workshop #12: Career Central: New Professionals in Transition: Navigating Through Change
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #14: Building Inclusive Campuses: The Case of Arab/Muslim Students
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #15: International Colloquium: Concepts of “Social Justice” Around the World
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #16: Integrating Critical Perspectives in Leadership Development: Moving from Diversity to through Inclusion for Justice
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #17: Mid-Level Community of Practice: Discussion on Mid-Level Topics/Issues
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #18: A Social Justice Approach to Disability in Higher Education
  • Pre-Convention Workshop #20: The Language of Learning: Speaking with Credibility (and Data!)

The registration rate for full-day pre-convention workshops is $75 and includes lunch. The registration rate for half-day pre-convention workshops is $50.

Each workshop will require a minimum of 10 participants for the session to occur. If a session is cancelled due to low registrations, you will be offered the opportunity to switch to a different workshop.

Please contact Gloria Laureano with questions about pre-Convention workshops.