Get to Know: ACPA’s Entity Groups!

A central component of ACPA as an association is the ACPA Assembly, which is made up of what we call our entity groups: the Coalitions, Commissions, Chapters, International Divisions, and Communities of Practice.  For many ACPA members, these groups are the reason that they initially got involved within the association, as well as the reason they have stayed involved!  

What are the entity groups?
Entity groups are phenomenal ways to learn more and find leadership opportunities that fit with your values and interests.  It can be intimidating, however, for folks new to the organization (or even not-so-new) to understand the distinctions between each of the group types:

  • Coalitions are entities in that represent and act as advocates for the social identities of the ACPA membership. There are six Coalitions as well as five Networks  that make up the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs
  • Commissions represent the job/functional areas or professional specializations in which ACPA members are employed or have an interest. There are 20 Commissions that encompass many functional areas within Higher Education.
  • Chapters & International Divisions are location-focused – they cover state, regional,or international associations. There are 17 Chapters and Divisions with which you can get involved.
  • Communities of Practice represent and focus on the unique needs of professionals at various points within their career. This is an emerging entity group type, which is currently made up of the Mid-Level Community of Practice.

Who makes up an entity group?
Each entity group has a Chair or President for their individual entity group, as well as typically a directorate board or executive group of leaders that act in support of their role. Each entity group type has an Assembly Coordinator that represents that type of entity group within the Assembly. The overall Assembly is chaired by the ACPA Vice President:

Organizational Chart of the Assembly Structure
Organizational Chart of the Assembly Structure

How can I connect with entity groups at convention?
Given the centrality of entities to ACPA, it’s no wonder that the kickoff to Convention begins with an entity organization fair!  CelebrACPA has been folded into our Opening Session, helping to welcome and connect attendees in an environment where new and seasoned attendees alike can learn about the groups that make up the heart of ACPA.  Events like CelebrACPA are a great way to welcome attendees into (or back into) the organization.

Monday and Tuesday of Convention will have a series of Open Meetings where convention attendees can get to know the Coalitions, Commissions, and Communities of Practice. We recommend attending these sessions if you are considering getting involved with a group. Open meetings are a great way to network with people who share a similar interest or identity. The Chapters and International Divisions of ACPA will be hosting a Trivia Night on Monday, March 27 at 6:30pm, which we recommend attending as well!

Throughout Convention, there are innumerable other ways to connect with entity groups.  Many groups feature sponsored, co-sponsored, and showcased educational sessions as a way to highlight promising topics related to entity areas.  Some organizations also host socials that welcome identity-based, functional, and location-bound affinities.  Others support activities and open spaces, from group workout classes to ecumenical services.  With so many great events sponsored by our entities, we can’t begin to list them all!  More information on entity events at Convention can be found on the ACPA17 website, and will be coming soon to the CrowdCompass app.

We hope you will challenge yourself to experience a new entity group while at Convention, in whatever ways that fit your person and your schedule – and we can’t wait to connect with you at ACPA17!

Meet the Assembly Leadership:


Rachel Aho
University of Utah
Assembly Coordinator for Communities of Practice


cottrellJason Cottrell
U.S. Department of Education
Assembly Coordinator for ACPA Chapters




Amy Franklin-Craft
Edinboro University
Assembly Coordinator for Commissions



LogieAllyson Logie-Eustace
Assembly Coordinator, International Divisions
University of the West Indies – St. Augustine



ferrellJen Ferrell
Keene State College
Assembly Coordinator for Coalitions  



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