Faith, Spirituality, and Religion

The community of faith, spirituality and religion in Columbus reflects the vast diversity that also exists in the state of Ohio. Actually, in Columbus, if you’re an atheist, agnostic or just plain unaffiliated with any religion, then you’re not alone.  A new study from the Public Religion Research Institution revealed that 24% of Columbus locals self-identify as “unaffiliated” with any religious group. While that total number is certainly a minority compared to the 76% of residents who are religious, it’s still significant as it represents a larger percentage than any other individual religious identification in the region (the next largest percentage being 22% for Catholicism and third largest being 18% for White Evangelical Protestant).

The survey results show that Columbus is only one of eight major US cities where “Unaffiliated” is the top choice for religion with only Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Tampa and Phoenix having a higher percentage of non-religious residents.  We have varied communities of Christian faiths as well as Native American, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu Buddhist, Sikh, Baha’i, Jain and Zoroastrian faiths.

If you choose to worship while you are here there is a list below and there will also be a Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection room, located in Convention Center B244-B245 which is sponsored by the Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion and Meaning.



St. Paul A.M.E.
639 E. Long St. at Jefferson
(614) 228-4113

University Baptist Church
50 W. Lane Avenue
(614) 294-6333

Shiloh Baptist Church
720 Mt. Vernon Av
(614) 2553-7946

Holy Cross Catholic Church
204 S. Fifth St. at Rich St
(614) 224-3416

St. Patrick Catholic Church
240 Grant St.
(614) 240-5910

St. Joseph Cathedral
212 E. Broad St. at Fifth
(614) 224-1295

All Nations Christian Fellowship
142 King Avenue
(614) 531-2356

Christ Church Anglican
43 West 4th Avenue
(614) 294-6233

Coptic Church (St. Mary)
200 Old Village Rd.
(614) 853-0565

Greek Orthodox Cathedral
555 N. High Street
(614) 224-9020

Trinity Episcopal Church
125 E. Broad St.
(614) 221-5351

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
404 S. Third St. at Fulton
(614) 224-6818

Korean Church of Columbus
2825 Snouffer Road
(614) 764-8960

St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church
2219 Summit Street
(614) 261-6006

Holy Name Roman Catholic Church
154 E. Patterson Avenue
(614) 262-0390

Society of Friends (Quaker)
1954 Indianola Avenue
(614) 291-2331

St Nicholas Orthodox Parish Church
191 King Avenue
(614) 297-6317

St. John’s Evangelical Protestant Church, United Church of Christ
59 E. Mound St.
(614) 224-8634

First Unitarian Universalist Church
93 W. Weisheimer Road
(614) 267-4946

United Methodist Church/King Avenue
299 King Avenue
(614) 424-6050

Livingston Church United Methodist
200 E. Livingston
(614) 224-2006

The First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
444 E. Broad St. at 9th,
(614) 228-1741


Columbus Tibetan Buddhist Center Karma Thegsum Choling
231 Grubb St.
(614) 228-6546


Krishna House
379 W. 8th Avenue
(614) 421-1661


Islamic Center
1428 E. Broad Street
(614) 253-3251

Omar Ibnelkhttab Mosque
580 Riverview Drive
(614) 262-1310


Congregation Tifereth Israel
1354 E. Broad St.
(614) 253-8523


Baha’i Faith
1993 Sunbury Road
(614) 337-9990

Church of Scientology
30 N. High St.
(614) 221-5024

Guru Nanak Religious Society (Sikh)
2580 W. Dublin-Granville Road
(614) 761-0007

*all photos courtesy of Experience Columbus