Expand your network and activate your potential at ACPA17

Greetings from the ACPA17 Member Engagement Team!  We hope this blog finds our International Delegates well.  A transformational experience is unfolding for ACPA17, and we want you to join us in Columbus, Ohio, USA!  Our vision for convention this year places emphasis on connecting potential to action.  As scholars and practitioners, we believe in the potential for growth – the potential of our students, the potential of our work in higher education and student affairs, ACPA, and the globe.  The belief in potential empowers us to bring theory to action.  We reach our potential when we devise, bolster, and execute in an inclusive and welcoming manner.  ACPA17 will be the hub that connects potential and action through a robust curriculum and professional networking opportunities.

Your participation in ACPA17 is vital to the discourse.  We want to hear your perspective on how you connect potential to action in higher education within your respective country.  Further, how are your incorporating ACPA’s competencies into your daily practice?  Lastly, how do you envision leveraging myProFolio into the curriculum?  These and other thoughtful questions will be addressed at ACPA17.

Columbus, Ohio, our convention location, is a vivacious community.  We have not held convention at this location in the past, and understand some marginalized groups have been hurt by the complex history of the city and its name.  To that end, we have started engaging in dialogue and will continue to educate through convention — from the first inhabitants who lived in the area to those who hosted holding points on the Underground Railroad, from the headlines and political culture to the great strides in inclusion and research, Columbus has a tale from which our profession can wade through and augment (Acosta, 2016).

The Convention Center itself has been remodeled.  We encourage you to learn more by visiting http://www.columbusconventions.com.  To learn further details about ACPA17 visit http://convention.myacpa.org/columbus2017.  In the interim if you need a letter of invitation to attend ACPA17 please email Schawn Abello at sabello@acpa.nche.edu or call +1-202-759-4830.  Your ACPA17 Member Engagement Team will be adding content for international delegates under the registration tab for convention in early fall.  For now we encourage you to obtain your letter of invitation from the International Office (Schawn Abello), check with your respective embassy regarding passport and visa documents needed to travel, and familiarize yourself with our host city (weather, airlines, and ground transportation, among other things).


manny-croppedDr. Manuel Ruiz serves as the Member Engagement Chair for the ACPA17 Convention.  With over 16 years of full-time experience, Dr. Ruiz has worked in various functional areas within Student Affairs.  He looks forward towards supporting and welcoming our international delegates with great enthusiasm!

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