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As a city that prides itself on being smart and open, there is an energy and excitement in Columbus that’s going to hit you as soon as you arrive. Big things are happening in the city, and you’re invited to join in. With a community of almost 800,000 people, Columbus Ohio is the 15th largest city in the country that has an arts, food, and cultural environment to match. The Columbus Museum of Art just added a spectacular new wing, and the Scioto Mile project puts 33 acres of new riverfront parkland in the heart of downtown. The innovative food scene melds artisan food producers with imaginative chefs to create meals that are far greater than the sum of their parts. Nationally acclaimed distilleries work together with brewers, coffee roasters, black box stages, music halls and dive bars to deliver unforgettable community and nightlife.

There are many parts to Columbus. From the Short North Arts District, to the Historically African-American neighborhood of the Near East Side, there is great history and growing diversity in the city. Neighborhoods like German Village, Italian Village, and Victorian Village all hold great historical symbols and imagery fused with a mix of modern and post-modern architecture. Most importantly there is a growing community of residents that reflect a more diverse today.


English is the primary language spoken in Columbus Ohio. However there are a number of other languages spoken by city residents. For a comprehensive list of languages spoken in Columbus households you can visit the American Community Survey for Columbus Ohio.

In addition, there are Columbus attractions and resources that will provide tours and services in several languages. Most of these will require advance scheduling. A few examples are below:

  • The Columbus Museum of Art – Tours in French and Spanish, advance scheduling required please call: +1-614-221-6801
  • Movie Theaters – Columbus has numerous theaters that frequently show films in several languages and also host viewings of international plays, ballets, and symphony. Please contact the following locations for additional information and up to date listings:

For additional questions or information about services and attractions please contact: Experience Columbus: +1-614-221-6623 | +1- 866-397-2657

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