It’s Always Time to Advance Your Career!

The #ACPA17 Career Development and Advancement Team has some great things in store for you to advance your student affairs career at any level.  From undergraduate students to senior student affairs professionals—we have great opportunities for you to engage with us. In addition to ACPA’s 7 Ways to Stay Prepared in the Job Search Process, […]

72 Hours in Columbus, OH – ACPA Edition

Once thought of as a sleepy midwestern town, Columbus is an up and coming city with a thriving day and nightlife, booming foodie scene, and a top city for young professionals. Home to the largest colleges in Ohio, The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College as well numerous institutions of higher education within […]

Making the Most of Your First ACPA Convention

Greetings from your ACPA17 Member Engagement Chair!  I hope this blog finds our first time convention attendees well!  We are just weeks away from a transformational experience unfolding at ACPA17 in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and are elated you are joining us.  I recall my first ACPA Convention in 2001.  I felt nervous as a new […]

ACPA 17 Transformational Keynote Speakers

Derreck Kayongo, Dr. Freeman Hrabowski, and Daisy Hernández will be the ACPA 17 opening and closing keynote speakers! We are excited that each speaker is dynamic, inspiring, and a global transformational leader. As activists, they have fought for human and civil rights, environmental sustainability, access to education, and health disparities in North America, Latin America, […]

Expand your network and activate your potential at ACPA17

Greetings from the ACPA17 Member Engagement Team!  We hope this blog finds our International Delegates well.  A transformational experience is unfolding for ACPA17, and we want you to join us in Columbus, Ohio, USA!  Our vision for convention this year places emphasis on connecting potential to action.  As scholars and practitioners, we believe in the […]

Indigenous People’s Day

ACPA’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and the realization of human dignity compels us to deeply interrogate our policies, practices, and, particularly commemorations of historic events in the U.S. We must challenge decisions to retain traditions that so often involved systematic oppression of people of color, Native, Aboriginal and Indigenous communities. The legacy of Christopher Columbus is one that […]

Voices of ACPA: Melvin Monette-Barajas

When asked to blog on behalf of the Native, Aboriginal, and Indigenous Network (NAIN) historical and current impressions of our experiences with ACPA, I jumped at the chance.  Then, I was paralyzed.  Daily, almost hourly, I lamented at how to convey the emotions I felt and feel over the past seven years.  Intent and impact […]