ACPA17… a transformational experience is unfolding…

Our vision is all-encompassing.  Within it, we see the potential of the students we serve, the work that we do, our peers and colleagues, higher education as a whole, ACPA, and the world.  The belief in potential motivates us to do our work, to engage in deep learning, to continue intentional dialogue around substantial issues in the field.

As College Student Educators, all members and believers in ACPA also acknowledge, and often demand, that potential be put into action.  ACPA17 will strive to compile the collective knowledge of our students, members, and participants to tackle major issues in higher education, and then continue to do the hard work to make positive and sustainable change.

We know the convention creates spaces and opportunities for learning, and individuals select how they will connect and engage.   We believe through an intentional and comprehensive curriculum, attendees at ACPA17 will:

CONNECT. Just like the students we work with, we grow and develop through dialogue and new and enduring relationships.

EXPERIENCE. At ACPA17, attendees will be exposed to new, cutting-edge ideas within higher education. They will be able to experience Columbus, Ohio, a unique and exciting city with an important historical context.

REFLECT. The world is constantly changing and shifting, and in turn impacting our work and ourselves. Attendees at ACPA17 will have an opportunity to reflect – both individually and collectively – on the experiences, challenges, policies, and perspectives impacting our field and world and identify opportunities for connection, action, and transformation.

INVEST. We are owners of our own learning and professional development. By committing to everything the ACPA17 experience has to offer, attendees are investing in their long-term learning and growth as professionals, faculty members, and practitioners in higher education.

TRANSFORM. It is time for ACPA and higher education to convert all of the learning, potential, and inquiry that happens at the annual meeting into action. Whether on our own campuses, regionally, or at a national or international level, attendees at ACPA17 will have the opportunity to convert their learning into action that benefits our students, institutions, and society.