Invitation to Moderate

Invitation to Moderate

To help our caucus participants get to know our moderators, the ACPA19 Convention Planning Team is asking folks interested in serving as caucus group moderators to share a bit about themselves and their approach to facilitation via a publishable blog post or video.Specifically, we are asking that you submit a typewritten reflection, audio file, or video file that discusses your answers to the following questions:

  1. Why do you think race-centered caucuses at Convention are an important and valuable professional development opportunity?
  2. How would you describe your approach to facilitating discussions on topics of identity, equity, and inclusion?
  3. How do you create spaces that feel conducive to sharing deeply held thoughts or opinions on topics of race and settler colonialism?
  4. Talk about one of your salient identities. Why is this identity salient to you and how might it inform your potential moderation of race-focused caucuses?

Typewritten reflections should be no more than 800 words, and include a recent photograph of yourself. Videos should be kept to 3 minutes or less. By submitting these materials, you are committing to serve as a moderator for a caucus group with folks whose racial identity aligns with your own. At the point of submission, indicate whether or not you give the ACPA19 team permission to display your blog post or video on the ACPA19 Caucusing website. It is our goal that this year’s caucus participants will begin to develop a sense of who their moderator is prior to attending caucus, so your participation in this voluntary process is appreciated.

Please note: Submission does not guarantee you will be asked to moderate. Moderating a caucus is contingent on how many moderators are needed for like-identifying participants and the extent to which your submitted materials align with our goals for this year’s facilitation. A preview of the questions you will be asked to moderate is available on our Caucus Guidelines and Schedule page.

When submitting your materials, you will be asked a question about the communities for which you feel comfortable moderating. Select all communities for which you would feel comfortable serving as a caucus moderator. Specifically, you should identify with each community for which you are volunteering to moderate. We may need more volunteers for some communities than others and need to understand the breadth of your comfort moderating. The potential caucuses will include the following categories of identity:

  • Arab/Middle Eastern
  • Asian/Asian American
  • Black/African American
  • International Members
  • Latinx
  • Biracial/Multiracial/Transracial
  • Native American, Indigenous, Aboriginal
  • Pacific Islander
  • Third Space
  • White

To submit your materials, please use the following Google form.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]