Educational Programming

The Career Wellness Center offers multiple, engaging approaches to aspects of career development and advancement. Through various session types and topical offerings, the ACPA19 Convention educational curriculum should provide timely and relevant information for attendees. Our educational slate will include the following programs:

Career Snapshot Sessions

Career Snapshots are 60-minute sessions focusing on topics relevant to the career development, preparation, or advancement of attendees. These sessions may take any form—presentation, panel, facilitated discussion, or workshop—and are meant to support and educate undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, and faculty from all levels of career experience. Sample topics for the ACPA19 convention will include:


  • Dual-Career Couples: Navigating Career & Family in Higher Education
  • Essential Financial Planning for the Higher Educational Professional
  • Beyond the Basics: Launching a Higher Education Employment Campaign

Career Pathway Discussions

Career Pathway Discussions are 60-minute sessions designed to assist participants from all levels of experience and backgrounds in exploring various functional areas within higher education and student affairs. Join these sessions for informal discussions with ACPA entity group leaders and current professionals in these areas to learn more about career trajectories, specific competencies, job titles, ways to gain relevant skills and market your experiences, and other considerations for entering into these roles. Sample Pathway Discussion for the ACPA19 convention will include:

  • Social Identity and Social Justice Programming Positions
  • Student Safety, Support, and Success Positions
  • Enrollment Management, Academic Support, & Academic Affairs Positions

Career Roundtable Dialogues

Career Roundtable Dialogues are 60-minute sessions designed to facilitate candid conversations surrounding social identity and career trajectories in relation to the operational side of functional areas, and serve as an informal space for convention attendees to engage in meaningful and transparent conversations about career trajectories within higher education. Sample Roundtable Discussion for the ACPA19 convention will include:  

  • Deconstructing “Job Fit” in Higher Education & Student Affairs
  • Becoming Faculty within Higher Education Preparatory Programs
  • Navigating the Early Years of your Higher Education Career

For specific session topics, times, and locations, consult the ACPA19 Program Book or access the ACPA19 app through your smart enabled device. For information regarding educational programming, please contact Kelvin Rutledge, Career Development and Advancement Chair, at [email protected]