Our ACPA19 Convention Experience

By: Milvia Rodriguez and Krisinda Doherty The ACPA19 convention was our first ACPA experience. We’ve worked in higher education in multiple capacities for a collective 20+ years and somewhat shamefully, have never attended the ACPA convention. Having arrived home, we sat down and identified five key reflections for first time convention goers: 1. In this […]

Attending a Conference As A Spoonie

by: Alandis Johnson, Ph.D. Conferences can be so draining. I’ve always felt this as a massive introvert. Surrounding yourself with thousands of others in a city that you may not be familiar with sets the stage for stress, fatigue, and mental overwhelm. But what happens when you add chronic illness into that mix and make […]

The Proposal Reviewers We’ve Been Waiting For

When I think about my experiences submitting proposals for programs to ACPA, and to be honest all conferences, one thread that runs through my memories is the feedback I receive from reviewers. Almost without exception, one reviewer either: 1) provides feedback that indicates they barely if at all read the proposal, 2) offers feedback that […]